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av Arve Aksnes

What makes a good leader?

Kategori: Ukategorisert | 0 kommentarer » - Skrevet fredag 22. desember , 2017 kl. 04:06

These days, the American Congress has just approved big tax reforms, and in a very rare display, the GOP politicians are praising President Donald Trump. Here is a link to the victory speech at the White House where the speakers simply cannot find enough positive words to express how wonderful and competent Donald Trump is.

We have all seen this before – about 6 months ago – when Trumps cabinet members decided to praise the president in the beginning of the meeting: Cabinet Members Praise President Donald Trump

As someone who loves the US, I find it really difficult to digest the events that take place in the States nowadays. We all miss the fabolous Obama (of course), and in these horrible Trump-times I must admit that I also miss George Bush. Even though I was often in opposition to the policy by Bush, he nevertheless behaved as a REAL President! Unfortunately, that cannot be said about Trump.

While waiting for the USA to reboot and get great again, I realize I am lucky to live in Norway, a country where we have great leaders. As e.g our King Harald, that recently was awarded «Name of the year 2017» in Norway by VG (the leading Norwegian newspaper).

Utklipp fra VG 22/12-17

His great popularity is partly due to the way he connected with the Norwegian people after the the massacre in 2011, but also a fabolous speech from last year has really found root in people’s minds: In this short speech (less than 5 minutes) he succeeds in a most briliant way to bring together people of all faiths and sexual orientations. Enjoy!

….and also: Go Mueller!


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